We Are Thrilled to Present…

Final Cut: Native 2016

Final Cut: Native is our employee-driven contest, where we asked all of our employees to send in recipes for new burgers, sandwiches, and Specialty Drinks and Final Cut Native CV Logowe are very excited to announce that our Final Cut: Native finalists have been chosen and the cook off is set for Monday evening! We have 6 total finalists, 3 with drink recipes, 2 with sandwich recipes and 1 with a burger recipe for us to try! We’ll be hosting several Arizona food bloggers and news reporters as guest judges, and there will be one Specialty Drink winner and one Burger/Sandwich winner chosen. The two winners will have their creations featured on the Native Grill & Wings menu at all of our locations nationwide! We’ll post photos and updates on our social media, so be sure to check it out. It all goes down Monday night!

We have a winnerOur “Win a Cave” promotion winner has been decided! Joseph B. of San Antonio, TX is the lucky winner of a Cave of his choice, valued at $4,000! He was so excited to have won, and we’re looking forward to seeing the photos of his cave!

Stick around for more contests, updates, and exciting things going on at Native as we expand nation-wide!



10 Tips for Watching the Next Round of March Basketball

basketball on a court

Last week, the men’s college basketball tournament began, and pretty much everyone’s bracket has been affected by some sort of nuclear blast. Such is the life, with 6 upsets on Thursday alone, including two 12 over 5 seed upsets. If your bracket is still perfect, you are probably a wizard, because less than 6 brackets are still perfect at this point. Let’s hope you didn’t put too much money on your overall pick…

Now the Sweet 16 begins, and here are 10 tips for watching the next round of play:

  1. Remember that chicken wings will never get upset by a lesser team and break your heart. Just sayin’.
  2. Watching games that don’t include your team can help you decompress. Root for an underdog while you calm down with a beer.
  3. If you’re a pacer (no pun intended, IU fans!) or a shrieker, just be sure that no one is too close before you break glass.
  4. Don’t go hungry. Count all the dunks you see in one game and order that many chicken wings. You’ll thank us later.
  5. If your team is done, check out one of the Top 10 Players to Watch that are still in the running for some extra excitement:
    1. Buddy Hield, Oklahoma (Thurs)
    2. Grayson Allen, Duke (Thurs)
    3. Josh Hart, Villanova (Thurs)
    4. Diamond Stone, Maryland vs. Perry Ellis, Kansas (Thurs)
    5. Brice Johnson, North Carolina vs. Yogi Ferrell, Indiana (Fri)
    6. Kyle Wiltjer, Gonzaga (Fri)
  6. Despite complaints from friends, channel hopping is a good choice. With so many games back to back, you have to!
  7. Stick with your superstitions. If wearing your team’s jersey to bed for a week before the game helps them win, by all means, continue doing this. (Just pick a different one before you go out in public. We all thank you.)
  8. You don’t have to be in the arena to join in the cheers. Some of them are really catchy. Plus it’s fun.
  9. Shred your brackets. Seriously. Kentucky and Michigan State, two of the highest seeded teams, are gone this early, and all of the No.1 seeds are still in, but not all of them are favored. Basically, no bracket could have predicted this, so don’t even look at yours anymore.
  10. Don’t show up at a friend’s house to watch the games empty handed. Order Native to go and everyone will thank you… on a commercial break.

No matter who your team is, we’ve got great specials on 22oz Miller Lite and Coors Light for you, plus our weekly wing specials. But even if your team is done, you can still come in and watch some spring baseball with a cold beer.  A wise man once said “I love the madness… except when it’s my team!” We feel you, bro.

Goodbye Football, Hello Basketball!

At Native Grill & Wings, we watch ALL the sports! Though some of us get to watch from the stands, and not our TVs.  Morgan Smuda won a trip to San Francisco to see her Denver Broncos play for the National Championship.

Morgan and her Ticket
The Smudas and their “ticket” presented by Native Grill & Wings

Morgan entered our contest on the Native Loyalty App, and was shocked to the point of disbelief when she received the call that she’d won. She didn’t believe us at first, and called the restaurant, certain that she would find someone was playing a trick on her. Instead, this diehard Broncos fan got the trip of a lifetime to see her team defeat the Panthers for ultimate football glory. We hooked her and her husband up with airplane tickets to San Francisco, a sweet hotel room, and of course tickets to the game, plus a whole lot more. The Smudas even got to enjoy a VIP Tailgate before the game. Yeah, we’re that awesome. Jealous? We don’t blame you.


Attention all NCAA obsessed wing eaters! If you’re a bracket-filler-outer, we’ve got Win a Cavesomething you’ll want to hear. See? Read? Whatever. We’re going to reward you for watching the tournament and filling out a bracket. Yup. All you have to do is fill out a bracket on our website once the teams are announced and you’re entered to win a Cave! You can make a Hoosier Cave, a Blue Devil Cave, a Wildcat Cave, a Pinterest Cave, or any Cave you like. We’d suggest checking with others in your house before going the bat cave route, though. Just a thought…

So here’s how it works: the more games you guess right, the more points you get, and the player with the most points will win. You’ll have to have downloaded our Loyalty App, of course, in order to win. But you already have that…. riiight?

And there’s more! We’ll have specials on 22oz drafts of Coors Light and Miller Lite from March 1st all the way through the end of May to include Spring Training. That way, even if your team’s home games are sold out, you get a discount on beer to watch them in your favorites air conditioned Native. Win- win.


Welcome 2016! New Year, New Me. Okay, maybe not so much. If we chose not to eat healthy in December, what difference is January going to make? But props to those who can do it!

So football certainly didn’t disappoint as we kicked off 2016. (Get it? Sometimes we’re funny.)  As the last four teams in the fight for the chance to play in the Big Game, faithful fans and bandwagoners alike are going to be glued to their TVs this weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed, people.

For those diehards having a party no matter who makes it into the Big Game, you’re gonna need some food to feed your crowd. You all know we offer ToGo orders, but if you haven’t checked out our Party Platter menus, boy, are you missing out. Go look. Right now. And then come back. We’ll wait.WSM_056




Good, you’re back. See, we can take care of your party no matter what the size. Even if it’s just you and your dad watching the Big Game. Your house or ours, we’ve got your back.

GOODBYE 2015… HELLO 2016!

It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas… snow in Arizona but not New York. Seriously? Go home, weather, you’re drunk. As the temperature drops and Santa’s annual visit comes closer, we like to look back at all the awesomeness that took place in 2015. We held a Wing Eating Championship in April where one of our Native lovers bested Joey “Jaws” Chestnut in a wing eating contest. We opened a restaurant in Tucson and in Sierra Vista, and we reopened our restaurant at Dobson and Guadalupe. We also opened our very first one in Rapid City South Dakota just this month! We launched our Mobile Loyalty App in May, complete with a game of Catch the Sports Equipment. In August, we filmed a wickedly cool commercial, featuring our Ultimate Wing Man and got Native eaters involved in our fiery hot #NativeGhostChallenge for Halloween.

Looking to 2016, we’ve got more restaurants lined up to open next year. Look out Tucson and Yuma, Boston, and Boise: our award-winning wings will soon be in your backyard! Updates for the new restaurants will be posted on our social media as we go, so if you haven’t already, like us on Facebook and Instagram and follow us on Twitter! Links to each are in the right footer; we’re making this real easy for you, guys.

From all of us at Native Grill & Wings, have a very happy (AND SAFE!) holiday season, and a happy new year! Catch ya in 2016!

PS: It seems like we just got used to signing documents with the correct year, so here’s to another 10 months of signing things with the year 2015. That’s not just us, is it? #awkward


Wow, November already! We had a great October with the #NativeGhostChallenge and y’all were hilarious. Check out our favorite reactions in a compilation video here:


And now, here we are. It’s basically the Holiday Season, and while some of us have had Christmas music playing since July (hey, it’s pretty, man), it’s finally socially acceptable to remind people how much fun riding in a one horse open sleigh is. Unless you live in Arizona, and then you have no idea what that means. Does the sleigh go over the dunes, or what?

If you’re struggling thinking about what to get family and friends – which is totally fine, because we all have no idea what we’re doing – you’re in luck! Native Grill & Wings’ Holiday Promo is back, starting November 27th. Buy $50 in Native gift cards and get $10 back for yourself, because not all gifts have to be for someone else. You can get these gift cards and your $10 both online at https://nativegrillandwings.com/gift-cards/ and at any Native restaurant. Get crackin’.



“The Game is On”10-19-15 GHOST Challenge

Hello fellow wing eaters! Can you believe that Halloween is just days away? Instead of spooking you with witches and bats and cemeteries (OH MY!), the ghouls at Native have come up with something extra special to scare your pants off this Halloween. Native has launched its first ever GHOST Challenge, featuring our ridiculously hot GHOST wing sauce. It started on Sunday and goes through Halloween.

THE GHOST sauce is made from the ghost pepper, which is found in India, and is crazy hotter than jalapeños. The people who make a living measuring pepper hotness use a measurement called a Scoville unit. Just for reference, a bell pepper has a heat of 0 Scoville units, and a jalapeño pepper has anywhere from 2,500 – 8,000 Scoville units. A ghost pepper has a range of 855,000-1,401,427 Scoville units. It’s so hot that the Indian government uses it to make military grade smoke bombs. [1] So naturally, we thought it would be a perfect pepper to put into a wing sauce.

So here’s how the challenge works. First, order THE GHOST wing; not too bad so far. Then, have a friend or family member take a photo or a video of your reaction to the inferno you just put in your mouth.  Post your photo or video on our Facebook or tag us on Twitter or Instagram, but don’t forget the #NativeGhostChallenge. That’s really important because that hashtag enters you to win a $50 gift card to Native Grill & Wings. The best/most pained/most hilarious photo or video will win, so don’t hold back!

We’re all really looking forward to this, so don’t let us down. If it helps you feel better, some of us Native ghouls have posted our reactions to this challenge, too. I won’t tell you which is mine, but come on, if we can handle it, you can handle it.

RIP Tastebuds.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheNativeNY

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NativeGrillWngs

Instagram: https://instagram.com/nativegrillwngs/

Footnote, because we’re fancy. And we’re not plagiarists.

[1] Ghost Pepper: A Fiery Pepper with a Hot Following. (2015). Retrieved October 2, 2015, from http://www.pepperscale.com/ghost-pepper/

Disclaimer: Try at your own risk. It’s gonna be hot.

FAQ’s – Native Grill and Wings Style

Q: Native Grill & Wings? Isn’t your name Native New Yorker??

A: Yes! No… Wait. Our name WAS Native New Yorker, but we’re Native to lots of places other than New York, so you get to make us YOUR Native. We rebranded over a year ago, but we still have the same awesome food and wings!

Q: So you grill… wings?

A: Psh! We’re Native Grill AND Wings. We have a menu featuring great appetizers, delicious soups and salads, towering burgers, loaded sandwiches, and of course, our fantabulous wings! We have 20 flavors of wings to share with you, and we sell them individually (no one else does that, so again, you’re welcome) so you can try each and every one.  We promise not to tell your friends when the GHOST sauce makes you cry; unless you ugly cry, then all bets are off.

Q: I’m a broke college student. I like to save money. Do you have any specials?

A: We have Traditional Wing Specials on Tuesday, Boneless Wing Specials on Wednesday, and Native Style Stripper Specials on Thursday. We also have a killer lunch line up, where you can pick from 7 different meals, each for only $7.00 (PS: You won’t beat that anywhere else).  We also offer the Native Triple, where you can get one appetizer and two entrees for $21.99. Translation: Cheap Date. We won’t tell her if you don’t.

Q: Can I get food to go?

A: What, you don’t want to stay and eat with us? Yes, you can call ahead or stop in to your favorite Native and place a to-go order, and we’ll have it ready and waiting for you.

Q: I do everything through my phone. Do you guys have an app?

A: Sorry, let me just finish this text… Yes, we have a Native Loyalty App available through the App Store and Google Play. Just search Native Grill & Wings, and you’re on your way to a free 6 pack of wings! That’s right, you get a free 6 pack of traditional wings just for downloading the app. *Cue Applause* Scan your receipt to get points, and enjoy Double Points on Mondays throughout pro football season! You can also be entered to win a chance to go to the Big Game in February, just by scanning your receipt. Yeah, you read that right. See you at Native!

It All Started With a Road Trip in the 70s…

Chicken Wings. They’re something everyone eats but no one thinks about how they became such an American party food staple. When did it become a thing to fry a chicken wing and cover it in sauce? Well, good thing you asked! Because know that we do, and tell you we shall.

Chicken wings were brought to the world in Buffalo, New York in the mid-1960s, and Native founders Floyd and Judy Anderson had the genius idea to serve those babies out here to Arizona (you’re welcome, by the way). It all started with a road trip in 1978, when the Andersons packed their 4 daughters into a car in Buffalo and set out for Arizona with the dream of opening their own restaurant. When they arrived, they bought a small local pizza joint, but struggled with sales until Judy had an idea. She decided to serve Buffalo’s famous chicken wings in Arizona and the rest is saucy finger history.

So here we are, nearly 40 years later, with 29 stores serving up burgers, sandwiches, and of course, our award winning wings. We love our guests and our communities, and we wanna be in touch with you, so, voilá! The Native Blog!

For our christening blog post (bring your own champagne), we wanted to celebrate some great things going on in the Chicken Wing/Native World!

  1. Our brand new Sierra Vista Native opened on Monday, July 20th, to an incredibly welcoming Sierra Vista community! We’re happy to see you too!
  2. Rapid City, SD and Missoula, MT! We’re coming for you! We’ve broken ground on both of those locations and are looking forward to an opening before the end of the year!
  3. We’re introducing two new sauces to our menu in September! Be nice to the new kids and invite them to have lunch with you!
  4. Football Season is Native Season. Only 20 days left until football season, but who’s counting?
  5. The Native Loyalty App is Here! Download now from the App Store https://itunes.apple.com/us/genre/ios/id36?mt=8 or Google Play https://play.google.com/store?hl=en and get a free 6 pack of wings on your next visit to Native! (Free 6 pack for new users only)